Pedalboard setup

This story started with my wish to use both my acoustic and electric guitars on my acoustic Marshall AS100D.
The pedalboard setup started with the  MESA/Boogie V-Twin that would give me the crunch for the E-guitars but it soon began to appear more complicated when I thought about using my Line 6 PODxt Live in the FX loop and ended up replacing it with the Line 6 HX Stomp.

Let’s summarize:
1 amp with 2 guitar channels: Channel #1 for the Line 6 Acoustic Variax + Channel #2 for my electrics (and my Martin electro acoustic to come).

My goal was to set and “build” a pedalboard that would be as efficient and compact as possible.

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Sweet all purpose guitar

OK, I’ve got nice guitars and precious ones, precious to me at least because I am no Rockefeller. And because I am not Rockefeller, I wanted to have a guitar I could carry without much anxiety of breaking something.

Apart from these considerations, I am a big fan of Les Pauls (if you still wondered) but also an esthete and a man full of contradictions.

Having all these parameters in hand, I headed to a Gibson Les Paul Standard T with its QuickConnect PCB (printed circuit board) offering the versatility of coil taping, pure bypass and phase reversal. As for the color, I chose something I didn’t have yet but stil in a “classical style” (pink is not for me): the Bourbon burst.

If you ever had a brand new Gibson USA guitar in hands, your nose must have been saturated by this famous vanilla smell. It was the case for me and I immediately associated this guitar to a piece of caramel that I would savor next to a warm fireplace while it’s cold and rainy outside.
From this image came the name of this guitar: ‘Autumn Treat’.
Furthermore, I like to customize my stuff, that’s why I added some white sugar crystals with a mother of pearl switch tip and mother of pearl tuner buttons.

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