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Here is my first (and only) EP. It all began in 2009, with when a friend of mine challenged me to write and record one song of mine instead of eternally performing covers in bars…
Well, challenge accepted!
This is how “Yours eyes” was born that year.
I wrote the music and played it.
I wrote the words and sang them.
I recorded, mixed, mastered, etc… myself!
Three other songs came in 2010 and I was so exhausted that I quitted writing music for a while. Four songs, that is not so bad: “Let’s keep trace of that work and burn a CD!”.
Here was the birth of this modest EP.
Thanks for listening!


For those who wonder if they can still ideas from these four songs, just notice everything is copyrighted and registered (even if I’m aware I’m no genius). You don’t want to hire a lawyer, do you? 😉