Mazerius and friends

I have not always been playing music alone. So, if you are brave enough to listen to collaborations I had, you’re in the right place.


Shyness at the studio, listening to the “Calling in the Dark” LP master. Happy faces! (Mazerius is the second from the right)

It all started there, when I was a student. Some guys were looking for a guitarist and there I was. Well, I only knew two chords at the time but I learnt quickly!
We started playing U2, The Cure, Radiohead, Smashing Pumpkins and many other covers and then our singer overcame his shyness and we started playing his songs.
Several gigs and one LP before we said goodbye.

Calling in the Dark (LP)

Oh yeah, I liked the delay at the time! The Edge, you were something to me when I was this kid. You still are. 😉

My first gig!


Two guitar players already in this band, no one at the bass. That’s why!
We only played covers (from Nirvana to ZZ Top, with a Rage Against the Machine in the middle).
Man, we had fun! but no recordings.

The Bouducongs’ first, only and last gig in 1996. Our singer had the exact voice of Kurt Cobain, not the same life though…
(Mazerius is second from the left)