No alarms and…

At last, I finally got my first Martin guitar and this is the very first recording for which I chose this beautiful Radiohead song! Enjoy.

Pedalboard setup

This story started with my wish to use both my acoustic and electric guitars on my acoustic Marshall AS100D.
The pedalboard setup started with the  MESA/Boogie V-Twin that would give me the crunch for the E-guitars but it soon began to appear more complicated when I thought about using my Line 6 PODxt Live in the FX loop and ended up replacing it with the Line 6 HX Stomp.

Let’s summarize:
1 amp with 2 guitar channels: Channel #1 for the Line 6 Acoustic Variax + Channel #2 for my electrics (and my Martin electro acoustic to come).

My goal was to set and “build” a pedalboard that would be as efficient and compact as possible.

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