A very, very special Les Paul!

This story began in 2005 when I bought this on eBay:

The seller claimed it was a 1956 Les Paul Junior that once looked like this:

Unfortunately, he was never able to tell me the serial number (that’s my big regret about the transaction, but the prize was fair enough as the guitar was a real wreck).
Did you notice how deep torture this guitar went into? The seller and/or the previous owner(s) added a second pickup and drew holes almost everywhere…

What should I do with this wrecked LP body?

I had two options:
1- Make it look like a ’50s Junior again
2- Change it to some guitar I’d like to own and play with

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An old dream came true with the MESA/Boogie V-Twin

25 years ago or so, I wasn’t surfing on the Internet but received every month the ‘Guitar & Bass’ magazine and one day (1993), I saw this fabulous baby I felt in love with at the first sight: the MESA/Boogie V-Twin.
Of course, I had no idea how it would sound like at the time, but hey, do love need any reason?

These days, I am mostly playing acoustic on my Marshall AS100D and the reason I bought the V-Twin is I wanted to try my LPs and ES-339 with crunchy sound on that amp.

The V-Twin version 1 I received was not in a great shape but, hey, this thing is 27 year old!

Out of the box V-Twin

How about the sound? Well, not that bad with the original 12AX7-As! A bit noisy (very noisy on the solo mode), but the warmth I was expecting is there on the clean and blues modes.

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My Own Music

After playing the guitar in a band or two, I used to play and sing in bars. It took me years to start writing and playing my own music, but I managed. Check this out.


For those who wonder if they can still ideas from these four songs, just notice everything is copyrighted and registered (even if I’m aware I’m no genius). You don’t want to hire a lawyer, do you? 😉

Back in the years

I was once a young guitar player