An old dream came true with the MESA/Boogie V-Twin

25 years ago or so, I wasn’t surfing on the Internet but received every month the ‘Guitar & Bass’ magazine and one day (1993), I saw this fabulous baby I felt in love with at the first sight: the MESA/Boogie V-Twin.
Of course, I had no idea how it would sound like at the time, but hey, do love need any reason?

These days, I am mostly playing acoustic on my Marshall AS100D and the reason I bought the V-Twin is I wanted to try my LPs and ES-339 with crunchy sound on that amp.

The V-Twin version 1 I received was not in a great shape but, hey, this thing is 27 year old!

Out of the box V-Twin

How about the sound? Well, not that bad with the original 12AX7-As! A bit noisy (very noisy on the solo mode), but the warmth I was expecting is there on the clean and blues modes.

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